Water Meter Services

Small Meter Testing and Repair

Small Meter Replacements - Metering Services IncWater Meter testing is the way that your water companies can ensure that water usage is being accurately measured. For instance a 90% accurate residential meter is equivalent of a month per year of free water. And in some cases water customers may use a sub-meter to measure how much water is being used in landscape or other applications to avoid large unneeded sewer charges. We offer a non-biased third party test that is both fair and accurate.

Large Meter Testing and Repair

Metering Services, Inc. provides the expertise, inventory and equipment to test, repair and calibrate water meters. Our mobile test equipment and wide variety of replacement parts ensure our customers that their meters are operating at the highest performance level for the longest period of time at the lowest maintenance cost.

Large Meter Testing - Metering Services IncIn order to better serve our customers and be at the forefront of technology, MSI’s technicians regularly attend conferences, seminars and arrange special manufacturer presentations. MSI has assisted many communities in recovering lost revenues through large meter repair and calibration.

Water Meter Replacement and Retrofit

Metering Services, Inc. has been involved with various change-out programs throughout the state of Arizona and California. Metering Services crews are trained and equipped to replace water meter sizes 5/8″-8″. The Field Personnel receive their training from the major meter manufacturers as well as Itron. The strong relationship Metering Services has developed with various meter manufacturers would be an asset to any utility seeking assistance in a meter replacement program.